Why Doesn’t My Website Appear on Google?

Listed below are a few factors that contribute towards websites not being listed highly on Google. There are lots more, but these are the basic ones and ‘The Usual Suspects’…

Is Your Website Too New?

Google, and other major search engines, list staggering amounts of new websites every day. Some of these are ‘here-today-gone-tomorrow’ websites that are either doomed to fail, or no longer cared for by their owners. To stop these kind of websites getting to the top of the rankings, the major search engines look at older websites as being more trustworthy, and list these higher up therankings. Older websites also tend to have many more links and some have more content, which are big competitive advantages over the new kids on the block.

You Probably Don’t Have Enough Content

Search engines love content. The more you have the better it does for you in terms of search engine rankings. As most websites are built on a formula of 4 or 5 pages of content about your company and services, this isn’t going to cut it in a marketplace where the top ranking websites usually (but not always) will have lots of content.

Is Your Content Good Enough?

Aside from the volume of your content, search engines are looking for quality too! Most websites have the kind of content that exists in thousands of other places on the internet, either due to copying or minor rewriting of the original article. Misspellings, and errors in grammar can also affect your position. Keeping your content short and precise, with interesting information that is regularly updated can make a huge difference.

Good Quality Incoming Links

An inbound link is registered as a big vote of confidence in your website, and the quality of these links is paramount to your success in search engine rankings.

How do you get these links? There are lots of ways to build up links coming in to your website. One of the main methods is to employ a good link building strategy. However, don’t be tempted to sign up to link farms or free directories as these are seen as very low value and often totally ignored by the likes of Google. To be honest you’d be better off having no links than lots of free and worthless links like these!

Aim high – look at trying to get a big organisation like a regional broadcaster, major retailer, or local government website to link back to you. 2 or 3 really good links will help enormously. The best advice is to employ the services of a professional to do this for you, if you don’t have the time to invest in this element.

Good Quality Outgoing Links

As we have mentioned – search engines like links. It is in their best interest to reward websites that provide good quality outgoing links from their websites to good sources of trusted information. It makes sense! This says: “I want my visitors to be exposed to ONLY the best information”. Try linking to a Wikipedia topic that is relevant to your subject.

Optimise Your Website Properly

Some of the cheaper design companies won’t provide optimisation as standard. A good design company will ensure your website is built so that it can be indexed quickly and easily by the search engines. This takes a professional to look at the way a website is coded and make sure it is ‘Search Engine Savvy‘. Also consider employing a professional to re-write your website copy and provide you with good keyword research. Don’t forget paying peanuts will get you a monkey!!

It’s a Very Competitive Area

Convincing search engines that your website is better than the other million out there that beat you to the punch can be difficult. Lightly buying the odd link, and doing a bit of optimisation isn’t going to cut it for you. You need to look at the whole SEO process ‘in-the-round’ and employ a professional to steer you to the top.

What Does This Mean To Me?

If your website isn’t at the top of the search engine results page and needs to be, then you have to look at some of the ideas mentioned above. Investing in a good link building campaign, and overhauling your website to be more search engine savvy is where to start. Don’t forget, you can always buy your way to the top, through the sponsored listings. Contact us for more information.