Need a Web Designer? – The ‘10-Point Checklist’

Work through the following checklist to see what you need to consider when approaching a freelance web designer for the first time. If you need any help or advice with this, please feel free to contact us for a chat.

The 10-Point Checklist

01 | Web Standards
Can your designer demonstrate the ability to build web pages that validate to W3C Recommendations and other web standards?

02 | Search Engine Optimisation
Is search engine optimisation, and any keyword marketing included in the package? This is particularly important if your business will rely on search engine traffic to generate revenue.

03 | Speed Test
Do the websites they build load quickly? Ask for examples and test. The way graphic images and media files are optimised, then deployed, makes a significant difference to the time a visitor has to wait for a page to load.

04 | Consistency
Do they build web pages that look consistent in different browsers such as: Internet ExplorerFirefox, and Safari?

05 | The Brief
Can you provide your web designer with [i] a clear and concise brief on what your website needs to achieve, [ii] how you would like it to be organised, [iii] when you want it completed, [iv] how you would like it to be updated, and [v] how you intend to measure its success or performance?

06 | Copywriting
Is your draft web content finalised and written up, or will you need a copywriter? Who will be responsible for sourcing this service?

07 | Photography
Do you have good digital images of all your products and services, or will you need the designer to source these for you?

08 | Existing Branding
Have you considered how your website will fit in with any existing branding you have, such as brochures, and other printed documents?

09 | Copyright
When your website is complete and the project finished, will you then own all legal copyright over: the finished design, the website assets, and any databases being used?

10 | Communication
Is your proposed web designer able to communicate with you clearly, resolving any issues you have and without using confusing jargon from the start.